Utrum ICO Details

Token Distribution


Our Advisor - JL777 - Founder of Komodo

Name: OOT token
Ticker: OOT
Coin Type: Komodo Asset Chain
Total Supply: 216,000,000
Content Rewards Reserve: 108,000,000 (50%)
Dev Team : 32,400,000 (15%)
Operations Reserve: 21,600,000 (10%)
ICO tokens: 47,520,000 (22%)
Bounty and Referral Tokens: 4,320,000 (2%)
SuperNet in Private Sale: 1%
Soft Cap: $ 1 Million USD
Hard Cap: $ 5 Million USD

Sale Details

ICO Process: Komodo dICO Exchange App
ICO tokens: 47,520,000 (22%)
Exchange rate: 1 OOT = $ 0.12 USD
Accepting: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Komodo, Z-cash, Dash, Litecoin
Pre-ICO: 10 May – 20 May
Bonus: 30% if you are using KMD to buy OOT
Main ICO: 21 May - 4 July, 10% Bonus.
Min Purchase $60 Max Purchase $60,000
Referral Bonus: 5%

Unsold tokens will be allotted to content rewards reserve

Token Holder Benefits


Funds Lock

The operational reserve tokens will be locked for 2 years.
The tokens allocated to the platform contributors will be released based on the content.
Team tokens are locked for a time period and released 33.3% every year.
The first token release starts after 6 months of token sale – November 2018
Second release – November 2019, Third release – November 2020
APR rewards will start after we release OOT wallet

ICO Process

Users can buy OOT tokens after registration
Users will download dICO app and buy tokens using Atomic Swap Technology, powered by Komodo.
Users will have immediate access to the wallet and their purchased tokens
Users can transfer their tokens to Agama multi-currency wallet
Users can check their tokens on OOT Explorer https://ootexplorer.com
Utrum token OOT is listed on BarterDex Decentralized Exchange.
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