How to start the OOT Daemon

Utrum's coin -OOT- is a Komodo Platform "smart chain" and, as such, it's an independent blockchain that takes advantage of the Platform's high-level security.

Download the "Latest release":

Choose the file to download according to your operating system, from the "Assets" section:

Unzip the files. Once unzipped, the executables do not require installation. Simply find the komodod and komodo-cli binary files in the directory where you unzipped them.

To start the OOT daemon just execute komodod on your operating system favorite terminal, with the following parameters:

./komodod -ac_name=OOT -ac_supply=216000000 -ac_sapling=5000000

Give it time to synchronize the chain. You can check the block height on another terminal window, like this:

komodo-cli -ac_name=OOT getinfo

then compare with the height shown by our explorer.

Coin Details

EquiHash Algorithm

On-Demand Blocks

Block Reward 0.0001 OOT

Delayed Proof of Work (DPOW)

Electrum Servers

API access

For Iquidus explorer:

For Insight explorer:


Desktop wallets:
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