How to start OOT Daemon

Utrum is a Komodo Asset Chain and at the same time, we are an Independent Blockchain

Windows and Mac

The easiest way to install the daemon is just running Agama with OOT activated in native mode.


You can also install Agama and run it with OOT activated in native mode.

There's also the Docker method, for servers, for example:

Install docker:
Modify with custom rpc user and password
Run it: bash

Manual Installation

Except we connect to our daemon

./komodod -ac_name=OOT -ac_supply=216000000 -addnode= -daemon

1 - Start the daemon with the given parameters.
2 - Go to ~/.komodo/OOT/OOT.conf, open it.
3 - Take note of the values of: rpcuser and rpcpassword
4 - Use those credentials to make post requests to the daemon, like this:
curl -s --url <rpcuser>:<rpcpassword>@ --data '{"method": "getinfo"}' | jq

Coin Details

EquiHash Algorithm

On-Demand Blocks

Block Reward 0.0001 OOT

DPOW - Delayed Proof of Work Mechanism - Utrum blockchain is backed up to Komodo and Bitcoin Blockchains for extra security.

API access

For Iquidus explorer:

Insight Docker:

For Insight explorer:


Desktop wallet
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