Setup OOT Wallet, send and receive OOT tokens

OOT is the token of Utrum Platform. It is integrated into BarterDex - A multi-currency wallet and Decentralized Exchange.

Instructions for Windows users

1 - Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015


2 - Download Latest BarterDEX for Windows


3 - Unzip the BarterDEX Download & Create a Desktop Shortcut to BarterDEX.exe, found within the folder.

4 - Launch BarterDEX & Allow Windows Security and Firewall for Public and Private.

5 - Generate a New Wallet Passphrase in the BarterDEX dApp

6 - Enable Utrum (OOT) from the ADD COINS+ button and by searching for Utrum. Choose Electrum from the slider to the left.

7 - Get your new Utrum OOT Wallet Address by clicking Receive.

8 - Track Transactions using

Mac and Linux users can setup Barterdex by visiting the link below, rest of the process would be same as mentioned in the above video.

Users make these common mistakes while using BarterDex.

Users need to be careful while pasting or typing the passphrase. A single extra space or letter can create an entirely new wallet and address.

If you encounter this problem while using BarterDex, you can try the steps below to fix the issue.

Please make sure there are no extra spaces before and after Passphrase when you copy.

While typing, make sure to double check if there are any extra spaces in-between phrases

You might also want to check for spelling mistakes.

Make sure you are pasting/typing the correct passphrase

Close the BarterDex app and open it again

Make sure you use Logout option to close the app, DO NOT close it directly. If you close the app directly, the wallet will disappear when you re-login, nothing to worry and your funds are safe. To fix this problem, you have to add coin again.

Voila! you see your funds :-)
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