Utrum Reputation Score (URS) is assigned to Members of Utrum Platform

URS is a dynamic score that is assigned to Utrum members based on their performance. URS will keep changing with the verdict received on posts for contributors and voters.

The Process

When a contributor makes a post, be it a review, prediction, insight, report, other members of the community will vote on the post based on the content. There will be a 120-hour ( 5 days) blindfold period where members cannot see the voting pattern and they vote based on their consciousness.

Members can vote the post as following

1 - 20 Bad
21 - 40 Poor
41 - 60 Average
61 - 80 Great
81 - 100 Excellent

After 120 hour period or 5 days, voting will be disabled for the post and results will be announced as Verdict.

The verdict is the average of voting. Example If a post has received 30, 50, 60, 80, 40, then the verdict will be 260 / 5 = 52

Contributor URS

The verdict is divided into points on a scale of 0 - 10 for the contributor

If a post has received 52 as the verdict, then the Reputation score 5.2 points are assigned to the contributor for that post.

If a contributor makes 5 posts and received

15 verdict on 1st post = 1.5 Points
35 verdict on 2nd post = 3.5 Points
50 verdict on 3rd post = 5.0 Points
72 verdict on 4th post = 7.2 Points
100 verdict on 5th post = 10 Points

Final URS of the contributor will be 27.2

Voter URS

Voter URS will be assigned on a scale from 0.1 to 1 point

The URS for the voter is calculated based on the distance to the mean of the verdict.

For Example, If a member voted on a post with 57 and the final verdict of the post is 50, then member vote is in distance mean by 13% and receives 0.57 as reputation score for that post.

To be eligible to receive URS, the member needs to be in 25% deviation of verdict

For Example, If a member voted on a post with 40 and the final verdict of the post is 20, then member vote has deviated from the mean by 60% and he is not eligible for getting URS points.

URS is calculated every month and the member with the highest URS of that particular month will be awarded OOTER of The Month (OTM) title along 5% of the revenues earned by the platform as a reward. If two users receive the same URS, then the number of contributions will be taken into account for assigning Rank.

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