Members who hold their OOT for a period of 60 days earns 0.834% reward.

Example, if you hold 1000 OOT, you get 1008.34 OOT at the end of the time period. Members will not have access to the funds during this time period and they will be locked using CLTV feature which can be verified on Blockchain. On Day 61, members can claim their funds along the reward. After claiming, they can again deposit their funds for the next 60 days and can repeat as many times as they wish. The reward is valid for 5 years.

It is entirely up to members to participate in this reward program. The reward is an incentive for holding OOT and at the same time keeping OOT away from circulation.

This reward will work ONLY with Utrum wallet which is under development and the tentative release date is August.

Please note that Agama wallet is not compatible with OHR.
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