How are tokens "burned"?

Burning tokens mean taking them out of the supply. Utrum's total token supply is 216 million OOT. There are many ways to accomplish this, the simplest being to send them to an unrecoverable address.

Utrum will perform token burns according to the following schedule.

15% of the monthly platform revenue generated will be burned until 15% of the total supply of OOT has been burned (32 Million). This will leave 184 Million OOT. Utrum projects this could occur within 5 years, depending on platform growth.

For example:

If Utrum generates $100,000 revenue in a month, the following is how this revenue is broken down.

50% OOT goes to Reward Payouts ($100,000 0.50 = $50,000 worth of OOT)
15% OOT gets Burned ($100,000 0.15 = $15,000 worth of OOT)
30% OOT goes to Infrastructure Costs ($100,000 0.30 = $30,000 worth of OOT)
5% OOT goes to Monthly Loyalty Rewards ($100,000 0.05 = $5,000 worth of OOT)
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