Content Rewards

Utrum has assigned 50% of Total Supply for content rewards during the token allocation.

Total Supply - 216 Million OOT

Rewards - 108 Million OOT

Content Rewards are paid to members based on their performance.

There will be a 120-hour blindfold period to see voting results of a post and verdict will be announced after that period. Rewards are paid after 10 days from the date of the post, based on the verdict of the community.

To be eligible to receive URS and Rewards, the post should receive a minimum of 5 member votes.

If the post did not meet 5 member vote criteria, then URS and Rewards will NOT be assigned for the contributor and members who voted on the post.

Rewards are divided into two categories, Posting Rewards, and Voting Rewards.

Posting Rewards

Posting Rewards are paid to contributors for their posts. Contributor to the post will earn 70% of the earnings, Example If a post earns 100 OOT, Contributor will earn 70 OOT.

Member "Revolution" has earned 70% on the post for his contribution and on Regnar's post, he voted and earned 30%

Voting Rewards

Voting Rewards are paid to members for their votes which will help the community to determine the quality of the posts. Members will earn 30% of the earnings.

Example If a post earns 100 OOT, members who voted on the post will earn 30 OOT.

The 30% earnings are distributed to members based on the distance to the mean of verdict.

Example, If the average verdict of the post is 50% when voting results are announced, members who voted in the range of 45% - 55% will earn more than the members who voted 40% and 60%

Reward Payments

Rewards payments are based on the following factors.

USD Price of OOT coin for the day
Daily Active Users (DAU) Weekly Average. DAU is users logged in for the day.
Number of Posts (Review, Prediction, Insight, Report) of the day

Daily Reward = $OOT Price * DAU Average

The Daily Reward amount will be distributed to the posts based on Utrum Reputation Score (URS) received by members on that day.

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