Utrum is a Decentralized ICO of Komodo Platform. It is not an ERC20 token and not related to Ethereum. Komodo is an ICO platform similar to Ethereum.

Some features of #Utrum

Utrum is an Independent Blockchain with its own wallet and explorer.
Ready-to-use Wallet (Desktop, Mobile, Web)
Listed on 5 Crypto Exchanges
Fast transaction speeds
OOT to OOT transactions have a near zero fee 0.0001 and transactions happen without any delay.
The most secure token sale that happened between blockchain to blockchain using atomic swaps.
Utrum blockchain is backed up to Komodo and Bitcoin Blockchains by using delayed proof of work (DPOW) mechanism for extra security.
OOT is a privacy coin which inherited privacy features of Zk-Snarks.

What purpose does OOT Utrum Tokens serve?

OOT is the utility token of the Utrum Platform and used in a variety of ways such as:

Seeking expert advice
Accessing in-depth technology and market analysis of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tokens, and other Crypto-products/services.
Buying and Selling crypto-related services within the Utrum Marketplace
Voting Power in community governance and decision making
Providing compliments for other members within Utrum

What are the benefits of buying or holding OOT tokens?

Members who hold their OOT for a period of 60 days earns 1 % reward and 120 days earns 2.4% reward
Institutional Investors and other members who buy OOT tokens have access to premium subscription services within Utrum
ICO and Crypto developers who buy OOT tokens from other token holders will have access to Utrum platform services.

How many OOT tokens will be "minted"?

43.2 million circulating supply until Beta Release.
Total supply is 216 million and no new tokens minted thereafter.

How did you distribute OOT Tokens?

Who can participate in the OOT Crowd Sale?

Please check with your local government and regulations. US, China, Singapore, Canada, and Israel citizens cannot participate. (Token sale is completed in July 2018 and now Listed on Exchanges)

How are team OOT distributed?

15% of the total supply of OOT is allotted for the Utrum Team.
These funds will be locked with 33.33% being released each year during the first 3 years, with the first release occurring 6 months after the Crowd Sale (Nov 2018).
The second and third release will occur after 1 year from the previous (Oct 2019 and Oct 2020 respectively).

How are tokens "burned"?

Burning tokens mean taking them out of the supply. Utrum's total token supply is 216 million OOT. There are many ways to accomplish this, the simplest being to send them to an unrecoverable address.

Utrum will perform token burns according to the following schedule.

15% of the monthly platform revenue generated will be burned until 15% of the total supply of OOT has been burned (32 Million). This will leave 184 Million OOT. Utrum projects this could occur within 5 years, depending on platform growth.

For example:

If Utrum generates $100,000 revenue in a month, the following is how this revenue is broken down.

50% OOT goes to Reward Payouts ($100,000 0.50 = $50,000 worth of OOT)
15% OOT gets Burned ($100,000 0.15 = $15,000 worth of OOT)
25% OOT goes to Infrastructure Costs ($100,000 0.25 = $25,000 worth of OOT)
10% OOT goes to Monthly Loyalty Rewards ($100,000 0.10 = $10,000 worth of OOT)

What is the OOT inflation rate?

Although we have pre-mined OOT, we've also taken steps to control inflation. The inflation rate is directly tied to platform growth. Our inflation is based on the number of users and revenue. For example, if revenue is low or zero at the beginning, inflation will be higher. However, in this case, rewards will also be fewer/lower as there are fewer users. As more users join the platform, revenue increases and the inflation rate will decrease as rewards are paid out.

What is an Atomic Swap?

Atomic Swap is the term to describe a direct trade between two wallets of two different coins or tokens. For example, trading BTC for LTC at an agreed-upon price or market price, Wallet-to-Wallet, without any exchange or intermediary, is accomplished using Atomic Swap technology. The technology to accomplish this has been developed by Komodo Platform, the platform upon which Utrum is built. To learn more about Atomic Swaps, visit https://komodoplatform.com

How will Utrum Platform be sustainable?

Utrum implements a "Freemium" model with the following features:

The OOT token is 100% a utility token.
To subscribe to Utrum Premium features, such as in-depth analyses and market predictions, Institutional Investors and Members will use OOT.
Crypto and ICO Developers will use OOT to promote their content within the Utrum Platform.
Members will use OOT to seek expert advice.
15 % of monthly revenue generated will be burned.
1 % reward is paid to members who vest their OOT for 60 days. This reward will be paid for the first 5 years.
Contributor funds are released after a two (2) week lock period.

How do I earn OOT tokens?

There are several ways in which OOT can be earned within the Utrum Platform.

Members earn OOT by participating in our bounty and referral programs.
Members earn OOT through contributions such as Reviews, Ratings, and Analysis.
Analysts earn OOT through in-depth technical and market analysis.

How will Utrum retain Platform users?

Besides the built-in content rewards system, we have planned two monthly member loyalty rewards for encouraging members to remain engaged within the platform.

1. OOTER of the Month (OTM)

Every month a contributor within Utrum who has received the max number of ratings for their total reviews and ratings from that month will receive 5% of the platform revenue as a bounty. This is designed to encourage our members' participation each month in writing quality reviews. OTM is limited to once per 12 months per member.

2. OOT Resident Bounty (ORM)

After a member has been a part of Utrum for three (3) months and spent a minimum of 60 hours per month within the Platform, they are eligible for the ORM reward. The system will randomly select a member from this pool who will receive 5% of the platform revenue from the current month. ORM is limited to once per member.

Team members and Trustees are not eligible for these bounty programs as we've designed them to reward our participating members.

What is the 15% Operation Reserve used for?

Our Operation Reserve is set aside for scaling up our infrastructure and partnerships as we grow the platform.

What does "Utrum" mean?

Utrum is the Latin term which means "whether", as in "or", and we chose this for a portal where members are voting and choosing between two opposing viewpoints..." whether this or that."

What is the significance of OOT?

Utrum is pronounced "Oothrum" in Latin, so we took the first three letters from this pronunciation, "OOT", for our Token symbol. However, for our project, Utrum is pronounced "You Trum" and OOT is pronounce exactly as it's spelled, "OOT"
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