What is the purpose of Utrum tokens OOT?

Seeking expert advice
Access in-depth tech and market analysis of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and tokens.
Buy, Sell crypto related services in the marketplace
Voting Power in community decisions
Compliment other members

Why should we buy OOT tokens?

Members can earn 5 % APR reward for a vesting period of 8 weeks.
Members who bought tokens in crowd sale will receive 1-year free subscription for in-depth tech and market analysis after beta launch.
Institutional Investors will buy OOT tokens to access premium subscription
ICO and Crypto developers will buy OOT tokens from token holders to access platform services.

What is the total number of tokens generated?

54 million circulation supply (till beta launch)
Total supply 216 Million, Tokens will not be generated later.

What is the maximum cap on token sale?

25% of tokens are available for token sale where 2% is reserved for the bounty and referral program. 23 % is available for sale.

Minimum Cap is $ 1 Million USD
Maximum Cap is $ 5 Million USD

Who can buy OOT tokens?

Please check your local regulations before participating in the token sale.

How do KYC work?

Users have to register with name, phone, city, country.

What is the min and max token purchase?

As we are using atomic swaps for token sale, we have preset the token amounts. Minimum purchase $60 and Maximum purchase $60,000

How does APR reward work?

5% APR reward is given to token holders for a minimum of 8 weeks vesting period. Once funds are locked, you will not get back till the vesting period. The process is automated.
APR reward will be given for 5 years.

How does team token distribution works?

15% of 216 million total supply is allotted for the team. Funds are locked and released 5% every year.

The first token release starts after 6 months of token sale – October 2018
Second release – October 2019
Third release – October 2020

How does token burn works?

216 Million total supply. 15% of the platform monthly revenues will be burnt, till we reach 15% (32 Million) of total supply (216 Million), 184 Million tokens will be left after 15 % token burn. This might happen in 5 years depending on the platform growth.

Example – If Platform makes a revenue of $100,000 USD in a month from buy/sell services, premium subscription, and ad revenues.

$100,000 0.50 = $50,000 worth OOT goes to reward payouts
$100,000 0.15 = $15,000 worth OOT gets burned
$100,000 0.25 = $25,000 worth OOT goes to infrastructure costs
$100,000 0.10 = $10,000 worth OOT goes to monthly loyalty rewards.

What is the OOT inflation rate?

Even though we have pre-mined, we have taken steps to control inflation. The rate of inflation is directly related to the growth of the platform. Our inflation is based on the number of users and revenues. If we have no revenues at the start, then inflation is more but in this case, rewards also will be less as we have less number of users. If we have more number of users, the platform revenues will also increase and the inflation rate will be less as the rewards are paid from platform revenues.

How can we earn OOT tokens?

Members can buy tokens in our crowdsale
Members can earn tokens by participating in our bounty and referral program
Members can earn OOT tokens for contributions like reviews, ratings, and analysis
Analysts can earn OOT tokens for in-depth tech and market analysis

How are you going to retain users in your platform?

Apart from content rewards, we also have planned monthly loyalty rewards for members to keep them engaged in our platform.

OOTER of the Month (OTM)

Every month, a contributor who has received the maximum number of ratings for their total reviews and ratings generated in that particular month will receive 5 % of the platform revenues as a monthly bounty. This will encourage members to participate every month and write quality reviews. Member once awarded OOTER of the month will not be eligible to receive the reward for next 12 months so that other members can be rewarded. The development team, support team, Trustees (Platform Moderators) are not eligible for the bounty.

OOT Resident Bounty (ORB)

A member is eligible for this bounty if their account is older than 3 months and has spent a minimum of 60 hours per month on the platform. The system will select a member randomly after checking the eligibility criteria. They will receive 5% of the platform revenues generated in that month. Member who has received this reward is not eligible for the rest of life. The development team, support team, Trustees (mods) are not eligible for the bounty.

Why did you set 10% for operation reserve?

We would need this reserve to scale up in terms of infrastructure and partnerships when we grow.

What does Utrum mean?

utrum means “Whether” “or” in Latin. There can’t be a better name than utrum for a review portal where members decide this or that.

What is the significance of OOT?

utrum is pronounced as “oothrum” in Latin. We have taken first 3 letters “OOT” for our token symbol. But we pronounce it as “you trum” normally 🙂
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