Coin Distribution -

List of Exchanges

1. SistemKoin

KYC Required (Turkish Lira)

2. Komodo AtomicDEX

Multi-Currency Wallet and Decentralized Exchange

Coin Agnostic

OOT can be traded against any listed coin on the exchange (BTC, KMD, ETH, XRP, LTC, USDT and many other pairs)


Your private keys are with you. You will trade directly from your wallet.

Google Playstore -

Apple Appstore -

3. AltsBit (Digital Price Rebranded)

KYC Not Required

Check your balance on Utrum Explorers

Explorer 1

Explorer 2

Store your OOT on Wallets

Utrum Desktop and Web

Verus Agama (Third Party)

Track the OOT Price on Portfolio Trackers

Track the Utrum events
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